Regular cleaning removes Dust Mites and Bad Air which is the root cause of all sickness and lack of immunity. If you do not dust or vacuum, your apartment on a regular basis it leads to health issues. However just regular cleaning is also not enough. Like your body needs a good body wash, your hair needs a good shampoo, your teeth need a good toothpaste, in the same way your home needs quality cleaning with products that will not just clean your home but also make it a fresh and healthy environment where you will not fall sick. We at Cleanzy help and ensure we give you and your family that fresh and clean atmosphere to freely breathe in.



Our house cleaning services include



  • Dust and vacuum rooms and floors
  • Scrub and Mop Floors to make it sparkle
  • Wipe fingerprints and stains off doors and door frames
  • Clean all light switches and knobs
  • Clean shelves
  • Spray wash and clean windows
  • Clean window blinds
  • Replace air filters
  • Dust and tidy countertop items
  • Remove and clean vent covers
  • Wash and clean the bathrooms
  • Use spray machine and bacteria killing chemicals
  • Use disinfectant for rooms and bathrooms
  • Sanitize and sterilize rooms
  • Dust ceilings to remove cobwebs
  • Clean all mirrors with glass cleaner



  • De-grease stove top, exhaust fan/filter
  • Clean and mop floor of food stains
  • Clean and wash kitchen platform top
  • Clean sides off oily substances
  • Clean microwave
  • Empty and clean refrigerator / freezer
  • Clean appliances
  • Clean dishwasher
  • Empty trash
  • Clean and machine wash kitchen windows



  • Clean and wash toilet
  • Clean and scrub bathtub
  • De-scale faucets / showerheads
  • Clean out aerators
  • Wash and clean bathroom exhaust fan
  • Scrub grout
  • Launder or wash shower curtain
  • Clean toothbrush holder and soap dishes
  • Clean mirrors with glass cleaner