One thing is for sure: education and childcare are essential, and we must find reasonably safe ways to restore these services so that our children can be cared for, educated and their parents and guardians can return to work without worrying about their child's safety. We must find ways to protect our children from COVID-19 and ensure that they do not bring the infection to others, such as other household members, who may be at high risk for severe infection or even loss of life.

However, some of the protective measures that we can expect from adults, such as wearing cloth face coverings and maintaining distance from one another, are, for a variety of reasons, simply not possible for infants, children, and youth to practice in schools, daycares, and youth camps.

So, we have come up with a special cleaning service that will ensure the safety of a child through a clean, fresh, bacteria and virus free environment.

Right from Deep Cleaning each classroom to washing the bathrooms and sinks with our specifically designed chemicals and disinfectants for children safety, we clean it all. Doors and windows are washed and cleaned with spray machine. We use the infection control method to ensure every corner is cleaned and germfree.

Pest control services are also available at discounted rates specially for all institutes.