As a brand we believe in giving services that you would want and cleaning your furniture is not a choice.

Furniture cleaning is important to maintain the hygiene of every home. Especially with our on-going global pandemic situation and visitors coming into our homes we need to ensure the places we sit inside our home are germ free and clean.

With the right chemicals and experienced staff, we ensure you get the feeling of a brand-new furniture set once we are done cleaning.

We follow a system of inspection and delivery to give you the best and most accurate results

SOFA WASH – We use shampoo and gentle machines to wash your furniture based on the fabrics of different furniture. Our upholstery brush cleaning technique not only cleans your furniture but also ensures that there is no damage to the texture of your sofa material or fade the color. You can use the sofa withing an hour of the cleaning process.

SOFA STEAM – Sofa steaming is also recognized in cleaning of furniture if there are not too many stains. This cleaning process kills the germs and bacteria in your sofas and also gets rid of the moist smell in your furniture